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Your family, your close ones, your dreams, your aspirations and hopes… there are numbers of pieces you take care of everyday to be happy and successful. Realize your passions, ambitions and plans. And we? We’ll help you find the best job and workplace to make it happen. Within the Salesforce Ohana, where everything is possible. Join Ohana Jobs.

Who are we?

Ohana Jobs is created by enthusiasts of modern technologies, Salesforce Platform and career development. We help people not only find a job but also join the Ohana community, discover their career path and develop themselves. The comprehensive offer of Ohana Jobs allows employers to quickly and efficiently find qualified employees, as well as optimizing the recruitment process to cut it short and to minimize its costs.

Why Salesforce?

Salesforce is a leader in market and master of innovation. It’s the CRM chosen in growing businesses – from small companies to large enterprises. Being a part of the Salesforce family guarantees a number of possibilities in growing business and defining your career path.

Ohana members enjoy not only great pay and perks. They are also supported with the opportunity to learn from some of the most passionate and driven people in the industry and have a chance to constantly grow their talents.

We believe in the great potential of the platform. Our goals are to bring that vision to others and give everyone the chance to join inspiring Ohana.

Why Ohana?

Salesforce is way more than just a CRM platform and jobs. It’s about culture, values, relationships and mutual success. This is the concept that makes Salesforce a great place to work.

The origination of Salesforce Ohana is related to Marc Benioff (CEO of Salesforce), and his trip to Hawaii in the late ‘90s. On the islands, he met many locals, learned about Hawaiian traditions and customs, including the Ohana concept. In Hawaiian culture, Ohana represents the idea of a close relationship between family members and their responsibility for one another.

Today, the Salesforce Ohana is the ideology of support, carefully nurtured inside the company and covering not only employees, but also partners, customers and members of the community. As a long-time Salesforce practitioners, we identify with the approach and feel to be a part of Ohana. In this ideology we find our piece – to inspire people to join the community and show the way how to do that!

Start your Salesforce journey and discover your dream career with Ohana Jobs.

Please be informed!

We are fascinated by the Salesforce and turned on with its positive energy and vibes but Ohana Jobs is an independent entity whether in legal or in any other terms. With Salesforce Ohana we share the same attitude and perspective to work, life and career development.


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