Artificial Intelligence – a Simple Explanation

What the mysterious “AI” shortcut stands for? Is there a difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? And how does AI in Salesforce work?

This curious concept a few decades ago was associated only with SF movies. Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is a very catchy phrase. We are aware that not only systems which analyze large data to predict the likelihood of future events are intelligent. Our home, workplace, public transport stops or shops – also objects around us, and even our whole surroundings, are becoming more and more intelligent.

Basically, AI is the concept of having machines “think like humans” and perform activities that are usually the domain of people – especially those requiring human intellect or logic, like planning, learning or reasoning. In simple words, Artificial Intelligence can make computers smarter and more aware of their past iterations, so they can gain knowledge. Due to AI, machines imitate human decision-making processes and perform complex tasks in a more human-like way.

Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence

Netflix recommendations,
Siri personal assistance,
Amazon suggested products.

Everywhere we look, we can point the actions that were supposed to make life easier for us. And that’s the main purpose of Artificial Intelligence and its branch – Machine Learning.

Machine Learning base on the assumption that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention. Machines “learn” using an algorithm with a big amount of data so they can adjust themselves and continually improve.
Artificial Intelligence is a much broader concept of machines being able to carry out smart tasks. Still, both these terms have much in common – they provide us with technology that can be useful and helpful for us, our business and our customers.

Artificial Intelligence and Salesforce

All to make it more convenient for clients, who – let’s be honest, love Artificial Intelligence! That’s right, we can’t run away from that. People get used to solutions that simplify their lives incredibly fast. AI transformed customer’s expectation. Nowadays they expect fast, smart, personalized engagement across every interaction with your company. Sound scary? Shouldn’t be at all.
AI also affect how companies sell, service, and market to the customer.
Have a look at the AI impact on Customer-Relationship Management systems like Salesforce. Artificial Intelligence used in CRM can predict customers expectations, recommend products, and automated purchase process. Three of the most-valuable and most-used outcomes used in Salesforce are predictive scoring, forecasting, and recommendations.

Let’s explore them in more detail.

Einstein gives a score of the lead with all its history – an insight into how it was arrived at. Predictive-scoring gives each sale lead a score representing the likelihood it will convert into an opportunity. That score has its own reasons – for instance, the industry, the lead source or many other factor that indicates if a lead will or won’t convert.

AI helps predict not only lead score. It can be also used to forecast the future value of something. AI can predict your stock portfolio or a real estate investment to let you know ahead of time whether you’re able to meet your goals or criteria you set up.

As you already know, AI helps with Spotify music or Netflix movies suggestions. AI makes smart recommendations for any other product or service category from retail purchases in online shops to business software. What’s worth to know, AI recommends not only products — it can also suggest you which case study you should email a prospect in order to optimize your chance to close a deal!

We are impacted by Artificial Intelligence on a daily basis. Using it well can help us doing business, learn, and develop ourselves. However AI, like everything, has also its opponents. Leave a comment below and let us know how you feel about AI. We are interested in your opinion on this!

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