15 most popular Salesforce Chrome Extensions

15 most popular Salesforce Chrome Extensions
Google Chrome is one of the most popular internet browsers in the world. The basic version of this browser is offering functionality sufficient to browse even the most extensive websites. However, thanks to the support for extensions, its capabilities can be almost freely expanded.
Depending on how you use the Internet, extensions can save you a lot of time. There are many profitable tools designed specifically to increase productivity.
If you spend a lot of time at Salesforce area, there are several Salesforce extensions that will make your life easier. Some of them have been created for administrators or programmers, and others are useful for anyone who uses Salesforce.
Regardless of the roles that Salesforce extensions can fulfill, they will certainly give you a lot of benefits.
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Thanks to this extension you can quickly reach every salesforce’s website. Just enter what you need to do.
Salesforce allows you to analyze datas, which you collect from user’s profiles. Both with the help of his advertising system, as well as Salesforce Navigator, you can, for example, create different target groups. What can you do? Create a base, based on:
· positions in the company,
· specific skills mentioned in the profile,
· professional experience (years of work, etc.)
Any information contained in the profile may become the basis for message targeting. This will allow you to better match the offer. This will give artificial intelligence to the CRM system (Salesforce Einstein) to determine which leads are the most promising.
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This extension allows you to provide the “select all” checkbox on administrator pages. Salesforce Admin Check All is an extension that improves the Salesforce configuration page, which adds “select all” check boxes to the field lists with the option of selecting. Salesforce Admin Check All is an improved plug-in whose wide range of functionalities helps to streamline some configuration tasks, while depriving administrators of having to check each check box separately.
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This plugin redirects the current Salesforce pages using the keys, directly to the page the plugin of which is in the clipboard.
To view the Salesforce record that corresponds to the SF, find in the exported Excel or text file, you can redeem it with Salesforce ID Paster. It’s easier.
How can I use Salesforce ID Paster?
* Copy to the clipboard,the SF, which you need to visit,
* Then switch to Salesforce Chrome page, which you want to visit.
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Sandboxes provide the ability to create multiple copies of organizations in separate environments, for various purposes, such as development, testing and training without compromising data and applications in the Salesforce organization’s production environment.
Integrating the Salesforce Sandbox Favicon Extension service provides the following benefits:
You can control who has access to the Salesforce Sandbox Favicon service.
Users to automatically get the Salesforce service logged in to the sandbox can be enabled using the Salesforce Sandbox Favicon Extension service accounts.
You can manage your accounts in one central location – the site.
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Salesforce API Fieldnames is an extension personalized for the Google Chrome browser. Thanks to the Salesforce API Fieldnames, we have the opportunity to see the API names on detail pages. This is an extension used to switch between API field names and bookmarks on detailed pages that apply to sellers.
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Salesforce Change Set Helper you can compare last modification with the other orgs.
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The goal of Ebsta for Salesforce is to help users of Salesforce solutions to effectively and efficiently establish contacts with potential customers. With Ebsta, you can also increase productivity and revenue – at the same time, you are guaranteed that Salesforce data is regularly and constantly updated. The Ebsta for Salesforce extension collects all information that may be relevant to Salesforce. Thanks to this extension, the possibility of connecting e-mails and calendars will provide users with the possibility of using current and detailed data. Thanks to Ebsta for Salesforce, users have a chance to focus more on what they are doing, and by the way – to increase efficiency. Ebsta for Salesforce largely provides the opportunity to assess the level of performance of the entire team.
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With the extension for Google Chrome – Email Tracking, Salesforce & Mail Merge, you can quickly and effectively track your e-mails and integrate with Salesforce. With this plug-in you can effectively plan your e-mail and send large amounts of messages. This option is available at Gmail mail.
Plug-in Email Tracking, Salesforce & Mail Merge allows you to control the situation – you know who opens your e-mails, who has access to your links and in what places you log in to your e-mail accounts.
This extension allows you to receive notifications whenever you open or click an e-mail message and receive statistics.
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The Chrome ORGanizer extension will allow you to free yourself from the obligation to remember all Salesforce.com® codes, pins, logins and passwords. ORGanizer Chrome can also help you recognize Salesforce.com® cards in your browser.
Thanks to Salesforce ORGanizer Chrome, the user has the option to: – storage of frequently used accounts, where the following are subject to the protection: user name, password, login, URL address, landing page. – logging in the incognito mode,
– efficient and easy access to the most popular Salesforce links, and many more.
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Google Chrome Plugin Enhance the Salesforce desktop, provides columns “to the other” of each Dashboard component. This type of Salesforce extension for Google browser is a sensational measure, helpful for every company.
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Salesforce Inspector allows you to easily check the field details and quickly import and export from the record details page in Salesforce. Salesforce Inspector is an extension created especially for the users of Google Chrome, but also Mozilla browser users can use it. All the options available in Salesforce Inspector offer a number of tools extremely helpful not only for testers but also for programmers.
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Salesforce DevTools is a functional set of tools that are personalized services for Salesforce programmers. In Salesforce DevTools you will find many references to objects, ERD, Apex code generator and query editor etc.
Salesforce DevTools is a functional tool that is easy to use while offering a range of powerful services that are very useful for Salesforce
environment developers.
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The plug-in for Google Chrome – Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher. It allows you for advanced searching and let you make the codes shorter in only a few clicks.
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This extension facilitates the ability to check the component tree and other components as well – like tags of the DOM component along with events. Salesforce Lightning Inspector also has the ability to display, along with overwrite operations, and informs about the performance level of the profile.
It fully integrates the Gmail inbox with the information visible in Salesforce (contacts, leads, cases), automatically adds messages to the customer information. It also allows you to modify records in Salesforce without leaving Gmail. Displays and transfers Google Calendar events to Salesforce.
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Salesforce Inbox – connects your Gmail and Outlook mailbox with your Salesforce and calendar contacts. Automatically adds email activities to customer information. It enables mass mailing to selected recipient groups and tracking of their opening, which in turn gives you knowledge of which messages are interesting and which need to be changed. Salesforce Inbox is equipped with artificial intelligence Einstein, which prompts sellers to respond to important customer e-mails and automates answers of a repetitive, administrative nature.

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