Buyer persona

Buyer Persona is a profile or customer type. The term doesn’t refer to specific people, but is a certain customer model. That model includes the essential features of the real people to whom our product is addressed.
Therefore, it’s a fictional character, or the image of a person with defined by us characteristics, the existence of which makes it easier for us to effectively communicate with clients.

In order to sell your products, it is important to recognize who is a potential customer and to send your message to a specific group of people. To this end, we create a model of our potential customer, which consists of a whole range of features affecting sales.
One company can have many Buyer Personas because a given product can be designed for many different groups. We can also sell a certain number of products, each of which will be directed to a different customer group.

Buyer Persona in marketing activities

The knowledge contained in the client’s model created by us gives us a deeper understanding of his expectations, needs, behaviors, and habits, which in turn leads to better marketing decisions and the development of a more effective sales strategy.
Knowing who our potential client is, we can address our message accordingly. We will formulate it in a different way if its recipient is to be educated 25-year-olds from large metropolises, and differently when we turn to older people from small towns.
Defining a specific group of recipients of our message, people with defined needs and interests, allows us to directly address them and speak in a manner tailored to their expectations. Directing the message to a known type of customer, instead of a large, unrecognized mass of people, enables creating high-quality content that attracts attention and prompts you to make a purchase.

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