Contact scoring

The contact(lead, prospect) scoring is a process of assigning a point value to a specific contact. Points are allocated based on customer behavior, and data held about them. In this way, on the contact card, the assigned points add up, and a specific value is created. Its amount may mean the readiness of a given contact to talk with the sales department and make a purchase. We distinguish two main types of information that serve as the basis for building scoring:
· Information obtained about the client by monitoring and identifying its behavior;
· Information that has been voluntarily provided by the client.
Information from both sources can be obtained using the Marketing Automation system (like Pardot or Marketing Cloud) .
Thanks to use such tools we can monitor and identify the behavior of online contacts, which allows us to learn:
– what the client was interested in on the website;
– from what source was input;
– how he reacted to received e-mails;
– what marketing campaigns brought him or in which he was active;
– what he liked or commented on using social media.

Information of the second type can also be obtained by the Marketing Automation system. The data that clients provide us most often is obtained through:
· direct interaction and adding data to CRM;
· telemarketing;
· contact forms, surveys, landing pages, etc .;
· online and offline training.
By combining all the data about the customer and assigning the appropriate number of points for them, we receive a universal tool to assess the readiness for further actions like engaging with selling activities, etc.


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