CRM – Customer Relationship Management

CRM is “customer relationship management”.

This is related to two main meanings: 1) Culture & processes how to cooperate with customer and 2) CRM system like Salesforce Sales Cloud.

We strongly believe that we need to have implemented both proper customer-oriented culture and best CRM system possible (yes, we believe in the power of the Salesforce :)).

However, in order for the actions to be effective, one must use the system as well as think and adhere to a philosophy that is focused on the client and in which the future of our company depends to a large extent on it. CRM is not only a tool but also a business strategy, culture, process, and concept where consumers’ needs occupy the highest position.
CRM consists of many objects, most of which are responsible for describing the cooperation with the client, while others are only internal support.
In order to organize and catalog information, the above-mentioned objects were created, within which specific cards can be created, where appropriate data are saved. A lot depends here on the seller himself. He modifies and divides objects according to his discretion so that the system brings him the most benefits. CRM is, therefore, a kind of database in which on individual “shelves” there are folders with information about specific clients.
To make the system specificity even more clear, the following are the most important objects(those are coming from main concept of CRM not Salesforce exactly – we will update that to be Sales Cloud specific):
· Accounts: it is a database that collects basic information about our clients, ie company name, address, telephone number, name and surname of the supervisor, tax identification number, notes, and notes.
· Potential Customers: in this tab we collect all those that we can not qualify for our clients, but there is a good chance that they will soon become them. The data we place here are similar to those in the Accounts.
· Activities: this is an extremely important object. All meetings, e-mails, telephones and tasks are saved here, that is all communication with the client.
· Sales Opportunities: Every opportunity is a topic that has been started with a client who can give us the beginning of cooperation and lead to sales. All the activities collected in the tab are to give us a chance to succeed and achieve the goal of making a sale.
· Contract: all contracts concluded with the client are in this place. It is therefore a history of cooperation with individual consumers.
· Sales materials: all materials are gathered here that accompany the sales process, eg presentations, surveys, templates, references, etc.
· Competitors: in the sales industry, they can not be underestimated. They are a very important factor that affects the quality of our sales and the success of the company. You need to not only take care of your own business, but also control what is happening in our competition. This may be the answer to the question of why others are doing better. In this object, information about individual competitors is posted, which tells us who and where they cooperate. You can combine them with sales opportunities.


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