Cross-selling is a marketing technique for selling complementary products (or services).

The purpose of the method is to remind the customer about products or services that may be useful to him and which he may need, but he forgot about them. Thanks to this, the customer will buy them from us instead of buying them later from the competition. As a result, we can expect additional revenue.

The cross-selling technique is based on a straightforward procedure. We can assume that thanks to customer purchasing behavior (we know what he willing to purchase or already has purchased) we could guess or based on our experience offer product or service best suitable for the customer.
But thanks to AI technology like Salesforce Einstein, we can prepare a cross-sell offer in real time. Most of the data already gathered about the consumer will be taken into AI prediction. AI will compare that data with the other consumers, and show cross-sell option with the best chances to succeed the deal.


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