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Check main steps to drive your dream-job journey with Salesforce platform and best spots to gain and share knowledge.

Get to know some tricks and hacks on how to make your learning more efficient and choose paths best suited to your needs!


Developer, Administrator, Business Analyst, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager… No matter which career option you choose, it’s good to have a plan for further development. Some may say the hardest and most difficult thing to do is to start. I’d say that keep going and being still motivated for continuous learning is even worse ;).


It’s very easy to lose the passion for anything you do if you don’t have development milestones. Such “attachment points” help to let you know where you’re going to and at what stage you’re right now.

Of course we won’t leave you with this grim assumption alone! Below you may find various opportunities to set your development goals, and build best suited path of your dream career.       


Not decided which trail to choose yet? First, try to determine career profile that suits you best.


You should go for Salesforce Developer if you:

  • Hate repetitive tasks and believe is best to automate them with code
  • Love looking for best suited solution of every problem on your road
  • Like coding, know Apex or you can build Visualforce pages – and you enjoy it!


You should go for Salesforce Administrator if you:

  • Are a born leader, you’re not afraid of responsibility, and your team can rely on you in every situation
  • Know how to develop successful relationship with clients and customer-care is something you’re good in
  • Use Salesforce to automate complex business processes, create reports and dashboards, and train users


You should go for Business Analyst if you:

  • Love working with big numbers and multiple data sources
  • Have analytical brain and find solutions based on facts rather than on premonitions
  • Are able to distribute recommendations to tackle the problem at the root


You should go for Technical Architect if you:

  • Frequently see the “big-picture” of situations
  • Have deep knowledge with a strong development background about Salesforce products as well as proven experience integrating systems via APIs
  • Provide best solutions for long-term company’s strategy


You should go for Marketing Manager if you:

  • Go with modern marketing strategy flow
  • Create targeted marketing strategies that drives results
  • Believe in marketing automation, cloud-based solutions and tools that are customer-engaging


You should go for Sales Manager if you:

  • Are life and soul of the party
  • Make contact with clients with easiness and you enjoy helping them succeed
  • Tackle with multitasking everyday, so you can smoothly set priorities of your business


3 steps to drive your dream-job journey:

  1. Learn – to try to become an expert in your area
  2. Share – every skill, badge or certificate you earned. It’s good to be proud of yourself!
  3. Connect – with people in the field, because you never know who may inspire you



Online learning, paid and free courses, Salesforce events, trailheads – choose the option that works best for you. Combine, play and try different opportunities that suit your time, style and budget! Bad thing is that there is no one right way for everyone. Good thing is that there is no one right way for everyone 😉

Learning Examples:



Salesforce Developer:


  1. Developer Beginner
  2. Build a Conference Management App

What’s next?

  1. Developer Intermediate
  2. Develop for Lightning Experience
  3. Build an Automated Workshop Management System


Salesforce Administrator:

  1. Admin Beginner
  2. Build a Suggestion Box App

What’s next?

  1. Admin Intermediate  
  2. Admin Advanced


Sales Manager:

  1. Grow Faster with CRM
  2. Sell Lightning Fast with Sales Cloud

What’s next?

  1. Integrate Outlook and Gmail with Salesforce
  2. Drive Sales with Operational Excellence


Marketing Manager

  1. Personalize Your Customer Journeys with Marketing Cloud


Business analyst

  1. Explore with Analytics
  2. Admin Beginner



Should you need hands-on guidance, think about learning in classes. Private sessions with experts are also able with Salesforce!
Check the Salesforce offer here.




Salesforce Ohana is more than a group of people. It’s a community of passionate Trailblazers – customers, partners and Salesforce experts. Use it! Join one of the Salesforce fan groups and exchange questions, answers, and tips.



Mix and match from many available events worth to attend!



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