Salesforce Trailhead

What is Salesforce Trailhead?


Trailheads are key in your Salesforce career. This is the point at which every trail begins. It doesn’t matter if your own road is intended for certification, getting started with new platform components or competing with your friend. If you just started your first job or are long-term Salesforce user, Trailhead will be the first step of your Salesforce journey, at every stage.

1. Hit your Salesforce road

Imagine Salesforce is a huge mountain. You shouldn’t hit it all at once to get on the top. It could overwhelm you. But you can achieve the peak by taking smaller steps. Sometimes trying different trails. With Trailheads, you can avoid the risk of getting offended with new materials, complicated structures or puzzling words. It’ll help you understand even most complicated issues.


Trailhead is an online DIY learning platform with bite-sized materials. Guided, interactive courses makes learning Salesforce easier, more accessible, and more engaging. You can find the right trails, modules or projects that fit you the most, by filtering your role, development level, Salesforce products or tags. However, it’s not only about developing Salesforce skills! Of course, a series of online tutorials teach how to code for the Salesforce platform. But moreover you can also get info, tips, and recipes to make delicious plant-rich meals completing Healthy Eating with Salesforce’s Executive Chef Module, learn about laws and regulations for collecting personal data, and protecting privacy with Learn Privacy and Data Protection Law trail or even Get Started with iOS App Development.


Diet trails, certificate trailheads, and even trailhead of trailheads! Find out the most freaking and amazing Trails, Modules and Trailmixes!  

2. What Trailhead consist of?

Let’s break Trailhead into pieces. Trailhead education comes in three levels: Trails, Modules, and Units. There are also Projects and Trailmixes. What’s the difference?

Learning topics – Trails are arranged into groups of Modules and Projects. Trails help you gain new skills in the shortest amount of time. Modules or Projects introduce you to specific learning area. They are divided into units – the bite-sized elements that consist of material explaining the topic and test at the end of each lesson. To finish a unit you have to answer questions or complete a challenge. Once you’ve finished all units in module or project, you get a brand new badge!

If you want to blaze your own trail, you can create custom learning paths, called Trailmixes. Choose from your different trails, modules, or projects and create your own learning paths to complete and share with other Trailblazers!

3. Is Trailhead for me?

Probably you wonder if it is the right path for you… The answer is clear: YES, IT IS. Regardless of your role within an org, grade or level of experience. You can find out a variety of content and number of materials to learn – not only connected to Salesforce. Blockchain Basis? Checked! Admin supporting units? Checked! Service Clouds? Checked! There are many, many more. Additionally, to address the language barriers, you may find Trailhead materials in six languages: English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Portuguese (changing languages tool available at the footer of any page in the dropdown menu).


But what if you don’t like reading plaintexts? Don’t worry! Trailheads are more than that. There are many content types to fulfill your learning needs, e.g. Code samples, Videos, Screenshots, Charts and tables, Images, Step-by-step instructions and way more. As to the “plain text”, it’s simple, practical and clear.  And you can get extra points and badges at the end!

4. What is Trailhead gamification: earning points and gaining shiny new badges

As we mentioned, Trailhead is a fun way to learn. At the end of each unit, you test your knowledge via multiple-choice quiz or to-do tasks. The rules are simple: when you correctly answer questions or complete the challenge, you earn points. If you complete a module or project consisting of at least a few units, you’re honored with badges that prove your achievements and track your progress. They’re displayed on your profile and you can share them at your social media or boast in the office. Challenge your colleagues to gain the most points and become the Master of Trailhead!

5. Where to start?


First of all: Create an account. It’s the main step to start completing challenges, gaining points and receiving badges.

Go to the https://trailhead.salesforce.com and click “Sign Up” green button at the right top of the page.

You can sign up with Salesforce or using your LinkedIn or Google profile. Usually, you get your Salesforce login from your company. Remember about that choosing the account for signing up. If you decide on a social profile, you will be able to reach your profile even after you left the company.

You can also link an existing Trailhead account with your social profile. To do that, log in to your Trailhead account. Then go to the right top corner, click your personal icon and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Scroll down and choose “Connect or Merge” in the “Salesforce Login” section. You will be able to connect your LinkedIn, Google, or Facebook account with your Trailhead profile. If your social account already has some points or badges associated with it, you will be asked if you want to merge your profiles.


Easy, right? Easy as Trailhead 🙂 Don’t hesitate – find out yourself and hit the road, Trailblazer!


Photo by Will Truettner

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