Where To Learn Salesforce?

You’ve decided to hit the trail and build a career in clouds! That’s wonderful! You can be proud, cause you took a great step for your future! This move means, that you’re ready to start your adventure with Salesforce. Now it’s time to learn basics and acquire new skills. Where to start?

See our Best Resources To Learn and Start Your Career In Salesforce.


I Want to Learn More!

You’ve already know the basics, or have the first experience with Salesforce. Congratulations! The initial, very important step is behind you. But you won’t stop striving for continuous improvement. ROARR! And that’s great, lion! Cause this is the market leaders definition! It’s never enough for constantly enhancing your skills and overall knowledge.

That’s Our Recommended Ways for Advanced.


How a beginner should start with Salesforce Learning?

Here are our Best Resources to Start Learning Salesforce:




There are various effective ways to learn Salesforce without breaking your bank. First of all you need to know the basics – an overview of Salesforce. Best way for that are Trailheads. No matter if you want to learn development or administrator foundations.
Trailheads are guided learning path with free, self-paced tutorials, easy to follow. Sounds like easy and fast way to start?
No doubts! Using filters for roles and levels you may find right courses for beginning Admins, Business Users or Developers.You can also type “Salesforce for newbies” or “Admin basics” to explore many Trailheads or Trailmixes (few trailheads joined in custom learning paths).


Get to know more about Salesforce Trailheads here: What is Salesforce Trailhead?


2. Online self-directed paid trainings


Trailheads are flexible and free. On the Internet you may also find many other courses, still affordable, still online and self-paced.

Udemy, Simplilearn or Edureka are great examples of Salesforce University alternatives. Highly rated Salesforce courses starts from $40 to $300 or even $1300. With high-priced trainings it’s worth to look for sales, where you can catch at least 15% discounts!

Udemy           Simplilearn            Edureka


3. Salesforce resources


Salesforce supports with many other materials describing particular problems in a more detailed way. Tutorials, whitepapers and documentation are the best in-depth knowledge providers. If you are wondering about the meaning of new word or need a broad explanation of specific component, Salesforce Docs are here to help.


In this general overview, you will learn key concepts to help you understand the Salesforce products. 

Tip Sheets

User Guides

3. Free Salesforce Platform for Developers  


When you feel ready to take your first steps with Salesforce, it’s time to get familiar with Platform development environment. Get your own Developer Edition for free. It’s a full-featured copy of Lightning Platform. Use it to explore the platform, and to develop, extend and integrate new apps.

Get a FREE Salesforce Platform development environment HERE


4. Videos

If you’re a visual learner and prefer watching (or you’re just sick of reading), use Salesforce Youtube channels to get familiar with the whole Platform environment via videos. A number of short and longer movies are a fantastic way to learn about new features or products and find many answers.

Salesforce Channels on the  Salesforce Youtube



As only you know the basics and a general overview of Salesforce, you should start practicing your knowledge. You cannot be a good programmer if you know just the concepts, apart from code. Start with Free Salesforce Platform for Developers, to get to know the Lightning environment.

Secondly, get familiar with Java. After you are clear with that language, it’s time to move ahead, and learn Apex. Start off with a simple program “Hello World Trigger”. Then try with SOQL. When you’re ready, combine Apex and SOQL. After learning these both as a whole, move to Governor Limits, Visualforce, batch Apex… Yeah, there’re many of them! Best motivation for constantly developing your skills 🙂

Apex Quick Start


Write Your First “Hello World” in Apex 


Introduction to SOQL


Where to develop your Salesforce knowledge? Tips for professionals

As a professional, you are constantly learning. Whether you’re learning informally through reading an article or conducting research, or in an educational setting like a seminar or online classroom, so many experiences can provide new and important information that enhance your skills and overall knowledge.

If you’re looking for resources to deepen and broaden your skills in Lightning, Improve Efficiency with Salesforce Application Management, and become Experienced in Platform, use our guides.

It’s never too late to increase your general knowledge!

Advance your skills with these great Salesforce Platform development resources:



It’s not a joke! Trailheads Platform has filters for Admin, Business User, Developer Roles and Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced levels. That’s a lot of trails/modules to not only increase and improve our current knowledge but also to get started discovering new paths of Salesforce!  


2. Resources

Gain a new level of Salesforce skills using documentation, libraries and workbooks. Where to get them? Subscribe for newsletters, check new releases, read blogs, listen to podcasts and watch videos.


Examples: Our Ohana Jobs Newsletter 🙂


Recommendations for Admins

  1. Lightning resources hub: The admin’s hub for tools, videos, and links to make the switch to Lightning https://admin.salesforce.com/lightning


  1. Blog posts, podcasts and videos hub https://admin.salesforce.com/posts#/lightning-experience+c-article


Recommendations for Developers


  1. Lightning Platform Docs: Build and develop your apps with easy to follow tutorials. 


  1. https://developer.salesforce.com/developer-centersTechnical Library: Documentation, code samples, tools and other technical resources 


3. Where to learn Salesforce? Communities!


Files migration, Trigger Error Fixing, Sync from Lightning to Outlook, Creating Cross Filter Functionality Using SOQL… Discussion Forums are places you can find responses to almost irresolvable problems related to Force.com. You may also help less experienced Salesforce-maniacs and check your current knowledge there!


Discover example of Forums for Developers with discussion around the Apex programming, JAVA, general aspects of Force.com development, and many other topics:




Community is about to succeed together! Learn from peers, build your network, and get inspired to be your best at Conferences, through Webinars or Workshops! Event are organized online and offline. Check out best Salesforce Events for Admins


It depends on you in what form you want to take more doses of knowledge!

There’re many fun ways to learn. Ask questions, look for answers and remember – never stop digging!




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