19 basic concepts in the field of Marketing Automation that you need to know

Before you start your adventure with marketing automation, make sure that you are ready to face the industry. Get familiar with some most important terms used in Marketing Automation. It would be especially important to discuss strategy internally or externally with your vendor, agencies etc.   

Marketing automation solutions significantly improve the efficiency of sales activities through the implementation of marketing processes, with limited human participation.

Marketing automation systems use data about users to run personalized and automated 1-to-1 marketing campaigns.
Marketing automation makes communication more direct, tailored to the needs of man, through segmentation, targeting, scoring or marketing drip campaigns.
Check out below, through concepts related to digital marketing and build relationships with the consumer. 
So here they are:
Contact scoring
Conversion rate
CTOR Click to Open Rate
Digital Body Language
Growth Hacking
Hot Leads
Inbound Marketing
Landing page
Lead nurturing
Monitoring and identification of contacts
MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead)
Platform for marketing automation
SAL (Sales accepted lead)/SQL(Sales Qualified Lead)

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