Cross-selling is a marketing technique for selling complementary products (or services). The purpose of the method is to remind the customer about products or services that may be useful to him and which he may need, but he forgot about them. Thanks to this, the customer will buy them from us instead of buying them […]

Conversion rate -definition

Conversion rate is a significant indicator. The conversion rate (also known as the conversion rate) is expressed as a percentage and indicates the proportion of people carrying out the desired action. Therefore, it represents the effectiveness of a given website and advertising. The ratio is calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number […]

Contact scoring

The contact(lead, prospect) scoring is a process of assigning a point value to a specific contact. Points are allocated based on customer behavior, and data held about them. In this way, on the contact card, the assigned points add up, and a specific value is created. Its amount may mean the readiness of a given […]

Big Data Marketing

Big Data Marketing is a new concept in marketing. The whole activity in this area is the result of the analysis of large collections of rapidly appearing datas – Big Data. Such analysis is carried out in real time, which means that operations in Big Data Marketing are run on a regular basis and always […]

19 basic concepts in the field of Marketing Automation that you need to know

Before you start your adventure with marketing automation, make sure that you are ready to face the industry. Get familiar with some most important terms used in Marketing Automation. It would be especially important to discuss strategy internally or externally with your vendor, agencies etc.    Marketing automation solutions significantly improve the efficiency of sales […]